Welcome to Data Campfire

Data Campfire is a platform for the data visualisation community, where they collaborate on Data Visualisation Challenges, learn and share.

We are developing a platform and service that centres around Stories. Stories are showcases or examples of Data Visualisation projects. Stories contain information about the project including what was made, why it was made and how it was made. From this, others on our platform can understand and learn how to use data with context as well as datasets, tools and software that were used. 

As a core of our business, we host Data Visualisation Events where the data visualisation community work together to solve the problems of organizations. We bring people from different backgrounds; Data Science, Design, Programming, Journalism and many more, so that they produce statistically accurate, and also engaging stories and visuals out of data. 

Organisations who co-host the Events can benefit from getting insights and stories from their data, so that they can make informed decisions and share it across with their audience. Through events and sharing its outputs, they can engage a wider audience with their mission.


We’re living in a data centric world, but shockingly - less than 0.5% of the data 1 has actually been analysed and used! One of the biggest barriers to utilising data is that there are not enough people with the skills to deal with it. One way to make data accessible to people is to visualise it.

Our aim is to unlock the massive potential hidden in these untapped mountains of data around us, to help us better understand our world and communicate more effectively. To achieve this aim, we want to make an accessible Community of Practice for Data Visualisation, with people from a wide variety of disciplines.



About Us


Natalie Foo                    Chloe Kim

            Natalie Foo                                    Chloe Eunsung Kim                                           
              @natfoo                                             @wisewormm



Data Campfire has been created by Natalie and Chloe. Our vision is to make working with data more accessible.

We met each other during our Masters in Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island Manchester. Data Campfire was started as a project during the programme (Winter 2015) with support from FutureEverything. We have taken steps to design the right thing; interviewing people who are interested in data to understand their needs, interviewing data publishers to understand what would encourage them to publish quality data, creating prototypes to make ideas tangible and get feedback from people and finally and iterating to make sure it meets the needs of our users.

This process has been documented in our Medium publication and the two prototypes that we created before this site can be viewed below.

In June 2016 we were accepted onto The S Factory, a Start-Up pre-accelerator run by Start-Up Chile. Following this we joined Bethnal Green Ventures back in London, an accelerator for start-ups for social good. In February 2017, we are pleased to be joining the second stage of the Start-Up Chile programme, having been accepted onto their Seed stage program.

S Factory    BGV Start Up Chile

We love talking to people who are interested in Data Campfire and its journey. Ping us through Twitter, Facebook, email or the live chat box on the website.

Data Campfire Advisor


Tom Rowlands @tm_rowlands

Tom is the former General and Programme Manager at FutureEverything, the award-winning innovation lab for digital culture and festival based in Manchester. He has several years experience in the digital creative sector, with previous roles include project management, capacity planning and marketing campaign management for a range of private, third and public sector clients. More recently Tom has delivered data focussed innovation projects for Greater Manchester’s councils, a climate service with Moritz Stefaner and Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (Project Ukko), a youth creative technology programme (FUTR Youth), and FutureEverything Singapore. On a 2014 Foreign Office mission to Beijing, Tom consulted the Chinese Government on their national open data plan, since then he has delivered talks to audiences in Europe and Asia.


Data Campfire Prototypes 

Please be aware that as this is a prototype, not all links work and this was an early stage version of our concept.

In January 2016 we completed our 2nd prototype based on research from users and experts.