Mobile Healthcare Information Platform Goodoc

Mobile Healthcare Information Platform Goodoc

Location based hospital & pharmacy searching service using open data in South Korea


What was made: 

Gooddoc app provides a locations based hospital and pharmacy searching service. Users can search hospitals and pharmacies around them with their smartphone location data. Medical counseling service is also provided on Goodoc, and mobile hospital booking service will be launched soon.

Background and objectives: 

We, Goodoc, started with a single and simple question. "Why is it so hard to find the information about hospitals and doctors?" Many people may have heard about the Yelp and which are the examples of many awesome services that we can find a good restaurants and hotels just in a few seconds. But there was no way to find the accurate and reliable information of hospitals and doctors in South Korea where most of hospitals are privately owned. Before we started, people could find the information on the internet via South Korean government websites. but this was not effective way to be reached by public. In addition, even if there is the reachable information on online, mostly it is wrong or out of date. Literally, the healthcare information was barely accessible, inaccurate and unsearchable. So we concluded that there is an obvious problem to share the information between doctors and patients. That’s the reason why we had decided to make the healthcare information platform that anyone can use. Our objectives were;

  • Make the platform where both doctors and patients can easily share and get healthcare information
  • Based on open data, provide accurate and reliable information to users
  • Narrow the information gap between medical providers and consumer by circulating data

Gooddoc have connected the patients in the mobile world to the doctors in the real world. The government guaranteed hospital information available via open data makes our service to be competitive and effective. 2.6 million users have been downloaded our service, and 600 thousands people are using our service in a month in South Korea.

How it was made

In South Korea, there is a public data portal website operated by South Korean government. Anyone can get public data open API for using datasets.( We had downloaded the nationwide hosptial & pharmacy location data set from health category on the public data portal (data format: JSON+XML) After adjusting the open datasets, we had built our service with our developers and product managers. Just mapping the API was not a hard task, however, because raw data from government is not enough to operate the service, we had to put huge resources to update and manage the data to be accurate and reliable. 

Feeling during this step: